wes sapp

Rise + Find

Rise + Find

Rise + Find is an interactive alarm clock app designed to wake the heaviest of sleepers.

Many people have the problem of falling back asleep once they turn their alarm off. Based off this insight, Rise + Find forces the user to find the alarm's off button that's hidden within the app. 

Designer: Wes Sapp

R+F iPhone 0b.png

App icon.

R+F iPhone 1.png

Startup screen displayed when using the app for the first time.

R+F iPhone 2.png

Alarm settings - the "Cube Amount" slider determines how many cubes appear.

The more cubes there are, the harder it is to find the alarm's off button.

R+F iPhone 3.png

"New Alarm" menu.

R+F iPhone 4.png

When the app's alarm rings, users are taken to a room of randomly generated cubes.

Using the phone's gyroscopic sensor, the user must look around the cube room to locate the alarm's off button.

R+F iPhone 5.png

To find the off button, users must tap the cubes and search each face by rotating it with the touch screen.

R+F iPhone 6.png

The elusive off button. When tapped, the alarm will finally stop.